Brash & Plucky

by: Chema Guerra

Flyby heatmaps (i)

These are some technical visualizations from the all-new 0-memory geometry generation subsystem in Maverick Render which we intend to release soon.

I will be posting more related images and videos in the upcoming days.

Youtube versions of the above videos

[EDIT] I believe that has some difficulty with (i.e., won’t play back) videos encoded at a non-standard aspect ratio. So here are the same videos in Youtube form:………

Results in production

The first beneficiary of this subsystem is Displacement Mapping (now Micro-Patch Displacement Mapping a.k.a., MPDM). This new MPDM system uses near zero memory, near zero warm-up time, and captures literally and exactly every single texel in the input texture.

Youtube 4K version:…